My tricked out new globe: Google Earth

I first heard about Google Earth about six months ago, but finally downloaded it today. It had been on my mental “to do” list for a very long time. The truth is, I wanted to see my hometown from when I was a kid back in ******, ******** (Ha!).

Well, I felt just like Superman on that thing. I could whoosh by a whole city in a matter of seconds, seeing the whole thing and being almost certain that I could feel the wind in my hair and the military bullets graze me in an attempt to remove my UFO-ness from the sky. Oh yes. It was fantastic. Truly… the only thing that made me mad is that they had torn down the park that I used to play in and come home looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Then came the part that made all of the toggling with this strange new territory worthwhile. I located the hometown of the family that I live with that they are likely not to see for a long time, if not ever. What looked to me like a little patch of scenery you’d see from an airplane was, to them, the closest thing to seeing their home that they are likely to get. They were very happy. It is such a remote area that I didn’t think I’d ever know what it looked like. Now we can go there whenever we want.

I haven’t had a chance to see the whole world yet, and I’m not likely to before I die, but Google Earth has brought me so much closer to that dream. I imagine that there exists another version that is very expensive and only known about and used by those in power that is like Google Earth, but virtually live and close enough to detect human activity. Government, I will not tell anybody about this if you give me the software to shut me up… I’ll only use it to promote free market trading and trickle-down economics, I promise…



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4 responses to “My tricked out new globe: Google Earth

  1. I agree that Google Earth allows you to experience a “Superman” flight. I downloaded Google Earth for the first time back in 2007 when I took my first trip to Europe. It was fun to simulate the flight patterns to see how far away from home I was. I also think it’s interesting that when you zoom in on a particular street, it’s basically a snap shot taken years ago. When I typed in my parents address, I could see my old car parked in the driveway, so in a way, Google Earth is also kinda like a time machine.

  2. Christiana

    I find it very interesting that you wrote a blog entry praising Google Earth and another slamming adware; both have been heavily critiqued for privacy concerns and violations. I suppose it comes down to how you use it; Google Earth could be used innocently (viewing your old neighborhood, for example), whereas adware’s sole intention violates privacy. Google Earth is used to view anywhere in the world, while adware just wants you to buy crap. I don’t know, I think both reveal a lot about the potential of the Internet and where to draw the line in terms of privacy and limiting public information.

  3. “…my hometown from when I was a kid back in ******, ********…

    I can’t believe you’re from ******, ********! I’m from ******, ******** too!

    Never had tried Google Earth before now. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

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