But how does Facebook make you “feel”?

I got a Facebook about two years ago: post Myspace, Notcoolclub and Neopets. Like many of those who ditched Myspace for Facebook later than the trend began going in that direction, it was a matter of: “Wow. Everybody left and now I’m stuck here playing Mafia Wars and posting surveys about myself that nobody reads.”

I hated Facebook before the first time we laid eyes on each other because I had come to associate it with the mean hipster kids in community college that beat me up at lunch for bike parts and American Spirits, but I got one because it was necessary in order to maintain my social network. After all, you can’t have a social network without people… so I sucked it up and got one.

When I first got my Facebook, I was just beginning to really study the difference between what the liberal/democratic teachers in my school were advocating as a solution to poverty and bigotry… and what the politicians that they were representing and voting for were advocating. I had decided that these were worse than the conservatives who at least told the truth about being selfish.

I began to make weak attempts to convert all of my Facebook friends away from capitalism. As it turns out, Facebook is not the place to do this. People would much rather hear about how wasted you got last weekend. Usually, people would not challenge me, they would just ignore me until I said something frivolous and then they would be all over it.

So I stopped taking Facebook seriously, and now use it only to communicate with my friends who I don’t call on the phone. Sometimes, I will post something political, but these are few and far between because you have to build rapport with these people by making every other post about marijuana or your ex.

Or maybe I have the wrong friends.


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