America Needs a New Bad Guy… Could it Be You?

The way that the death of Osama Bin Laden has been sensationalized and turned into a VH1 Behind the Music special is enough to turn anybody with half a brain into the internet equivalent of a suicide bomber. What is it about somebody dying that makes their life and times exponentially more fascinating to the drooling public?

Although I am ready to move on from this subject, I would like to draw some deserved attention towards the news sources that have attempted to give this story some honest perspective.

This article by the UK Guardian is a breath of fresh air amidst all of the patriotism and shallow detail-dwelling that has taken hold of this story in the media. It speaks of the polarization of good versus evil that has been a cultural and political norm in this country since its creation.

The horrific thing about Osama bin Laden was that he helped to kill thousands of innocent people throughout the world. But he was also in a strange way a godsend to the west. He simplified the world. When communism collapsed in 1989, the big story that had been hardwired into citizens of western countries – that of the global battle against a distant dark and evil force – came to an abrupt end. Understanding the world became much more complicated until, amid the confusion of a global economic crisis in 1998 and the hysterical spectacle of the Monica Lewinsky affair, Bin Laden emerged as the mastermind behind the bombings of embassies in east Africa.

This article provides some much-needed historical context and cause-and-effect that is lacking from the discourse. It speaks about the very real necessity of an absolute villain, and also discusses the meaning of “Al Qaeda” and attempts to provide a true account of the movements taking place in the Middle East.

Another important question that many patriots fail to ask themselves is- how did Osama Bin Laden become the powerful, scary terrorist guy that we have all come to know and love to hate? This article gives a little bit of background for those of you who believe that Mr. Bin Laden’s first diaper was an American flag. It turns out, little Osama was an enemy of the old hammer and sickle long before the starts and stripes.

In 1979, bin Laden, who inherited a personal $300 million fortune from his father (a construction boss billionaire), decided to abandon his former life of luxury and dedicate himself to fight communism. When the Soviet army entered Afghanistan to support a pro-Moscow government there, bin Laden was recruited by the CIA to become the financier of the anti-Soviet “holy war.” In 1986, William Casey, CIA chief under Reagan-Bush Sr., approved an old proposal by the Pakistani intelligence services to recruit Islamic fundamentalists worldwide to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.”

See, it’s best to think of American foreign policy like a never ending game of “Rock, Paper Scissors”. .. or musical chairs. They set up future boogeymen by arming and training dictators and then arming and training more dictators to get rid of them.

It’s silly, isn’t it? Like, if there weren’t millions of people dying and suffering at the hands of these wealthy playboys (and token playgirls) with no connections to this dying and suffering that are running the planet…. it would be hilarious.

Anyway, in Pakistan they’re doing this right now:


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  1. I think your blog really puts everything into greater perspective. As much as it feels wrong to say, I think bin Laden has a fascinating past. The fact that he was recruited by the CIA just blows my mind, and I don’t think enough people really know the truth behind his terror. Good work this week, Leanna.

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