Where Was I? Where Were You? Where’s the Remote?

For  most People that were alive for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the assassination of JFK, the destruction of the Berlin Wall and any other of these “biggies” in the accepted narrative of history as told through an American perspective generally know where they were and what they were doing there when these events took place. The two that I remember the most clearly, mainly for the reactions of the adults around me which had at the time seemed completely illogical, were the death of the Princess Diana and the September 11th attacks in 2001. For the former, I was at my grandmother’s house having lunch when suddenly everybody started crying and causing a fuss. For the latter, I was actually sleeping in my bed and my mother woke me up to watch the news with her and that same grandmother who happened to be visiting us at the time, which she has only done a handful of times since we came to the country. (I just figured out that my grandmother is cursed and causes sensationalist news events.)
No, I do not mean to say that a bombing in which 3,000 civilians died is not terrible, I am just saying that it happens all the time, all over the world, and a life is a life. Ideally, a person would be just as upset about every time innocent people were bombed, no matter what language they speak or weird religions that they have.
When I found out that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, I was working. Actually, I was doing my friend’s homework for her for trade. Her mom came into the room and said: “Osama Bin Laden got shot”. We literally both said something along the lines of “Oh, ok”, and got back to the math problems. Nobody texted me or e-mailed me about it, not even any of my weird lefty organizations that send me ten e-mails a day about this and that. The only deaths that have ever impacted me emotionally have been of people that I actually knew and cared about. I then read and listened to the news from my collection of sources until I was satisfied that I had the closest overall story to the truth that one can get as a political outsider. Yep, Bin Laden is dead. The most interesting part of all this for me has actually been studying the reactions of people here in Internet World… but more on that in my next post.


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